Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Dream India 2020

Would like to bring to your notice about a grassroots movement that has been started recently in India by software engineers. Please read more details about this movement here.

Also please read some articles about developing our nation, that my friend Natarajan has put in his blog.


Natarajan said...

Thanks Kumaran.


Gopalakrishnan Sundararaman said...

It is very much interesting to hear this programme in Sri Sankara TV especially on Sunday and I enjoyed a lot. My only request is please extend this programme atleast for an hour on Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, because throughout Sunday, if you tune any channel apart from Sri Sankara and SVBC, only Cinema is there with which I am totally very very fed up. I have only Holiday on Sunday and atleast on that day I wish to enjoy with Maithreem Bhajatha Programme. Hope my request would be considered favourably. Thanks.

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Dear Sir, Sorry to disappoint you. I am not related to Maithreem Bhajatha programme in any way. So, cannot influence anything related to that.