Saturday, October 08, 2005

Shreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam

This title is the last line of the song 'Maithreem Bhajatha'. This song was written by Jagathguru Sankaraachaarya Sri Chandrasekarendra Sarashwathi Swamigal of Kanchi Kaamakoti Peetam who was famously known as 'Periyavaa' and 'Paramaachaaryaa'. I think the occasion was 50th anniversary of United Nations Organization. The Queen of Carnatic Music, Bharath Rathna Smt. M.S. Subbulakshmi was invited to sing at UNO on this occasion. Acaaryaa wrote and gave to her this Sanskrit song when she mentioned about the UNO invitation to Acaaryaa. We can appreciate the importance and relevance of this song even after 40 years of writing this song, if we look into the meaning of each line. I think we should listen to this song daily and meditate on the meaning so that we can consciously follow the advise given by Acaaryaa in this song for the World Peace.

Maithreem Bhajatha Akila Hrith Jeththreem - Serve with Friendship and Humility, which will conquer the Hearts of Everyone.
Atmavat Eva Paraan api pashyata - Look upon others similar to yourself.
Yuddham Tyajata - Renounce War
Spardhaam Tyajata - Renounce unnecessary Competition for Power
Tyajata Pareshwa akrama aakramanam - Give up Aggression on others' properties which is wrong
Jananee Prthivee Kaamadughaastey - Mother Earth is wide enough and ready to give us all we desire like a Kaamadenu
JanakO Deva: Sakala Dayaalu: - God, Our Father, is very Compassionate to All
Daamyata - So, Restrain yourself
Datta - So, Donate your wealth to others
Dayathvam - So, Be Kind to others
Janathaa: - Oh People of the World
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam - May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam - May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.
Sreyo Bhooyaath Sakala Janaanaam - May All People of this World be Happy and Prosperous.

When this song was rendered at UNO, all the delegates from the World Nations were given the translation of this song. The rendering of this song by MS and the meaning was so melting that most of the delegates were very moved and some of them started weeping at the profundity of this song and the voice.

My friend Siva has added this song to his blog for you. Please click on the link and listen to this song.

Those who can read Tamizh can read the meaning of this song in Tamizh in my Tamizh blog.


Anonymous said...

well written commentary on PARAMACHARYA's KEERTANA for world peace.keep up the good work .us

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Thanks us. Please visit my blog regularly.

Sai Educare said...

Hello again Mr.Kumaran,

Thank you for your kind reply. I saw the song and the lyrics of "Maitreem bhajata" in your blog. I think in one of the lines the words need to be divided in a different place for it to mean correctly.

"tyajata parEShu akrama-AkramaNam"

OR if you want to leave it as you have posted, then it should be like

"tyajata pareshvakramamAakramaNam"

Please clarify with some one who knows regarding this as the 'sandhi' is there.
Can you also find out from any one that can give correct clarification of the sentence below:

'Janani Prithivi Kamadughasthe'.

I keep hearing MS singing it as

'jananI prithivI kAma-dukhArtE'

Also the starting line I hear as

'maitrIm bhajata, akhila hrit jaitrIm'

Hope I did not hurt your feelings with my comments as that is not my intention. In fact I truly want to know the correct version as too many mistakes are floating on the WEB for many things. My plan is to prepare the kids with this song and with the skit that you too posted regarding Prajapathi.

I feel that there are 3 kinds of people now too. 1st kind is people with divine qualities like Paramacharya and Sairam etc.
2nd is people with human nature. If can not help at least they do not want to hurt. And the 3rd is the demonic nature like the ones who concentrate on bombing with some pretext or other.

This is how I want the skit addressed. Please give your suggestions.
Thanks for your time.
With regards,

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Jayashree, I am researching on your comment. Will get back soon.

Sai Educare said...

Sairam again,

I have found my comment. I am still waiting for a reply as my classes started. I want to use this for Swami's birthday time and need the information if you can as you are in India. Thanks once again.
with regards,

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Sorry Madam. I could not get the details. I am also living in US. I dont have anyone here to check with. :-(

Shruthi Vijayaraghavan said...

உங்கள் தலைப்புக்கு என் முதல் பாராட்டு. பரமாச்சார்யாள் அவர்கள் உலக அமைதிக்காக எழுதிய பாடல் இது. என்னைப் போன்ற பலருக்கு அதன் பொருளை அறியச்செய்தமைக்கு நன்றி. உங்கள் முயற்சிக்கு என் மனமார்ந்த பாராட்டுக்கள்.

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

மிக்க நன்றி ஸ்ருதி. எனது மற்ற வலைப்பதிவுகளும் உங்களுக்குப் பிடிக்கலாம். என்னுடைய ப்ரொபைலைப் பாருங்கள்.

கருந்தேள் கண்ணாயிரம் said...

எனக்குப் பிடித்த ஒரு உருக்கமான பாடல் இது. பரமாச்சாரியரின் கருணையைப் பற்றியும், அவரது அன்பிதயம் பற்றியும், தெய்வத்தின் குரல் மற்றும் ரா. கணபதியின் பல புத்தகங்களில் படித்திருக்கிறேன்.. பரமாச்சாரியாரே நமது பக்கலில் அமர்ந்து, ஆசிகள் கூறி நம்மைக் கடைத்தேற்றுவது போன்ற ஒரு அழகான பாடல்.. இதன் மொழிபெயர்ப்பை, ரா கணபதியின் புத்தகம் ஒன்றில் (கருணைக் காஞ்சி கனகதாரை என்று நினைக்கிறேன்) படித்தேன்.. கிட்டத்தட்ட அதனையொற்றியே உங்கள் மொழிபெயர்ப்பும் உள்ளது.. பரமாச்சாரியரின் ஆசிகள் உங்களுக்கு என்றும் கிட்டும்..

SUMAN911 said...

Wonderful lyrics touched my heart... Feel proud to say I learnt from my daughter!!!

SUMAN911 said...

Lyrics touched my heart and learnt it from my daughter when she was taught in her School.

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Glad to know that! Thanks Suman.

Anonymous said...

Awesome lyrics!!! Superbly sang by M.S amma

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

True. Thanks.

Sindhuja said...

can you please tell me what are the ragas present in this song?

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Sorry. I dont know about Ragas. :-(

dokka srinivasu said...

Kumaran Sir

Thanks for posting a great message on this wonder peace hymn sung by Our M.S.Amma.

sir i prepare one image on this hymn with the text from your blog.

Sir in my M.S.S. blog i share this image.

Sir this is my M.S.S.Blog Maithreem Bhajatha post.

Sir please look into my "Bharat Ratna Srimati M.S.Subbulakshmi" blog and share your comments.

Dokka Srinivasu

Anonymous said...

Really so thank ful for posting this kerthana given by paramacharya swami and sung my MS amma ....

thanks .

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Thanks Ram

Guwahati Venkat said...

My wife Sow. Vijaya though this beautiful shloka to small small children (Bengalis,Assamese,Marwaris & Tamils) and even our son Chi.Ramakrishnan (Anshuman) got first prize for song from the Christian Principal in his Don Bosco High School. Namaskaram to Shri Mahaperiyava.

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Glad to know about your family's services Venkat sir.