Thursday, June 05, 2008

Bhaja Govindham - 10

Vayasi Gate Ka: Kaama Vikaara:
Suskey Neerey Ka: Kaasaara:
Kseeney Vittey Ka: Parivaara:
Jnaathey Tattvey Ka: Samsaara:

Vayasi Gate Ka: Kaama Vikaara: - When Youth is gone, where are the lustful plays?

Suskey Neerey Ka: Kaasaara: - When the Water has evaporated, where are the lake-living-beings, birds and animals?

Ksheeney Vittey Ka: Parivaara: - When Money is gone, where are the friends and relatives?

Jnaathey Tattvey Ka: Samsaara: - When the Truth is known, where is the Samsaara?

Pray Govindhaa! Pray Govindhaa! Pray Govindhaa!

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குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

This was first posted in my 'Bhaja Govindham' blog on Dec 30, 2005 and now being moved to this blog. The following are the comments received at that time:


Samudra said...

Another set of blogs, in English this time!

Way to go...
(err slow down for the mere mortals to catch up! ;) )

Bhaja govindham!

March 17, 2006 3:08 AM
குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

This is not a new blog. One of the earliest blogs I started. :) Have not posted in this blog for a long time.

BTW, how did you get in into this blog now? I mean did you come through my profile or from or from blogger?

April 25, 2006 10:25 PM