Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Bhaja Govindham - 9

Sath Sangathvey Nissangathvam
Nissangathvey Nirmohathvam
Nirmohathvey Nischalatathvam
Nischalatathvey Jeevan Mukthi:

Sath Sangathvey Nissangathvam - Nonattachment arises from the attachment and company of good people

Nissangathvey Nirmohathvam - Freedom from delusion arises from Nonattachment.

Nirmohathvey Nischalathatvam - Steadfastness (unwavering mind) arises from the delusionlessness.

Nischalathatvey Jeevan Mukthi: - Liberation for the soul arises from the Steadfastness.

Pray Govindhaa! Pray Govindhaa! Pray Govindhaa!


Anonymous said...

madhurai vazhiya inge vandhen.
kopam enna pollak kopam.
athu thanneerle itta kodu maathiri
adutha secondu odi poyidum.
seekiram yaaravathu help
vangindu email vangikkaren.

Anonymous said...

"Sath Sangathvey Nissangathvam "- Nonattachment arises from the attachment and company of good people
For well over four decades, I understood the word SATH only to mean GOOD PEOPLE. Only recently, after listening for well over six months, lectures of Swamini Satyavratananda under Sandokyam and Brahad aranyakam, I contemplated in depth and did realize that SATH stood for TRUTH. Awareness and realisation Brahman alone is SATH and this leads to non-attachment.
Having said this, your interpretation of 'sath ' is perfectly in order as long one moves around the worldly order of things.

குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Sri Sundara GanapadikaL,

First I did not understand who s.g. is. Then understood you meant madhuraiyampathi blog and then it was clear. :-)

Welcome to my blog posts. Please read my Tamil blogs also - that is where adiyEn has written a lot more than in English blogs.

Either mouli (the writer in Maduraiyampathi blog) or me can create a blogger account for you, if you wish. Please advise.


குமரன் (Kumaran) said...

Subburathinam aiyaa,

Yes. It is the general understanding that sathsangam means 'association of good people'. That word has been repeatedly used in that meaning only. Nowadays also. But if we look into the meaning of the word sath, it denotes Truth which could be again interpreted as the sathyasya sathyam - the Lord - the Brahmam - the personal God - the Nature - etc. Constant association with that Truth could well be meant by the word Sathsangam.

In these posts on Bhaja Govindam, I did not go in elaborate meanings - gave just line by line meaning. Now also while moving these posts from my other blog 'Bhaja Govindham' to this blog, I am just cutting and pasting them and not elaborating. If I elaborated I would have touched the meaning of each and every single word, as much as possible, as much as my manthamathi can provide me with.