Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bhaja Govindham - 17

kuru te gangaa saagara gamanam
vratha paripaalanam athavaa daanam
jnaana viheena: sarva mathena
mukthim na bhajathi janma satena:

kuru te gangaa saagara gamanam - One may go on pilgrimage to the holy place where Ganga merges with the Sea

vratha paraipaalanam - Or may observe all the religious vows with lot of care

athavaa daanam - Or may offer a lot of gifts as charity

jnaana viheena - But if that person is devoid of Gnaana

mukthim na bhajathi - that person will not gain release from Samsaraa

janma satena - even in hundreds of lifes

sarva mathena - this is the opinion of all people of wisdom

Pray Govindhaa!
Pray Govindhaa!
Pray Govindhaa!

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