Monday, June 02, 2008

Bhaja Govindham - 5

Yaavad Vitto Paarjana Sakta:
Taavan Nija Parivaaro Rakta:
Paschaat Jeevati Jarjara Dehe
Vaartaam Kopi na Prchchati Gehe

Yaavad - As long as
Paarjana Sakta: - you have the ability to earn
Vitto - Wealth
Taavan - So long only
Nija Parivaaro Rakta: - will your friends and relatives will be attached to you.
Paschaat - Later
Jeevathi - when you live in (with)
Jarjara Dehey - infirm aged body (which has lost the ability to earn)
Ko api na - no one
prchchati - will ask
Vaartaam - 'How are you?' (no one will care about you)
Gehe - even those who lived on you at your home.
Pray Govindhaa! Pray Govindhaa! Pray Govindhaa!

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